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Purchase Music

My newest release is a solo piano recording I did in response to a request for a meditative, help you go to sleep offering Nocturnes.

A recording I did with vocalist Sharon Clark and violinist Robert Spates Americana.

My best selling recording is the CD I did with Jazz vocalist Sharon Clark, Finally. Now only available as a digital download.


My second best selling recording is Songs From The Shire, with recorder player Doug Deitemyer available both in CD format and as a digital download.


The pro version of King James and the Serfs of Swing is only available as a CD, Introducing King James and the Serfs of Swing.


For any die hard fans that exist out there, Let It Fall, the CD that I made with Dianne Eclar. This remarkable young vocalist has relocated to Manila, The Philippines and is recording under the name Dianne Elise. Check her out on YouTube.


I am also proud to be able to post my 1998 collaboration with my daughter, Beck. She wrote two of the three songs by herself (age 12) but we co-wrote the song which actually received air play on WHFS, I Think I’m Fat.