School of Rock

School of Rock

From Mid September, The Middle School Jazz/Rock Band learning the Miles Davis tune JeanPierre using instruments donated by Hungry For Music.

From Dec 1st… Nicholson Jam Take 1 and Nicholson Jam Take 2 ***A 4th grade vocalist sitting in on The Lion Sleeps

From mid December…
JeanPierre, again ***
12-bar Blues Medley ***
Mo Better Blues

Our First Concert, December 19th, 2011.
JeanPierre, Nicholson Jam, 12-bar Blues Medley ****
Mo Better Blues & The Lion Sleeps
Our Encore(!), Evil Ways

From March…JeanPierre, again
EvilWays ***
JeanPierre, again ***
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy ***
Mo Better Blues ***
Nicholson Jam, again

From May… It Dont Mean a Thing…