4th Grade Keyboard Project Videos

4th Grade Keyboard Project Videos


My current keyboard program at Ludlow-Taylor ES, a 2016 Blue Ribbon School, focuses on 3rd – 5th grade. You can see (and use) the curriculum I’ve developed. For videos of students performing, scroll down to page ten of the curriculum packet. For an academic paper describing the program at Brightwood click here.

These are the 2012-14 videos.

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From September…
Mary Had a Little Lamb Note the student on the left signaling the bass line I and V. Students are singing along and practicing playing the melody on their hands.
A student using Two Hands on the keyboard for the 1st time. 4 students playing
Boundless Mercy the second of the five tunes that they must learn for their keyboard.

Added October 25th…

An entire class playing and singing Mary Had a Little Lamb with keyboards from DONORSCHOOSE. Three girls playing Boundless Mercy A boy playing Mary Had a Little Lamb with both hands as another boy doubles the melody. One student playing When the Saints Go Marching In as another shadows him an octave higher.
Three boys playing and singing the theme from a Mozart Piano Sonata .


Added Dec 1st…
An entire class on an arrangement of Boundless Mercy Reading staff notation for the 1st time in Unison and in two parts . 5 Students playing When the Saints Go Marching In , The Mozart theme with 2 hands and finally…

OUR FIRST CONCERT about 12 minutes long. The 1st seven students to earn keyboards playing their required 5 tune repertoire.
Added March2nd, these are the students who have earned their own keyboards. They’ve had them for 2 months now. Check out this Minuetto and their version of Herbie Hancock’s Chameleon .

Added end of May…Superstition ***Mary Had a Little Lamb with a descant.

Added very end of May…The Prince of Denmark March ***Mbube, The Lion Sleeps *